Saturday, November 1, 2008


Knee pain, hotspots on the foot, knees not tracking straight up and down through your pedal stroke - there is a solution.  I didn't realize how easy the problem is to solve.  The word for the day is footbed.  I have never seen a "stock" footbed give the support needed.  

I used a footbed with support in my previous pair of shoes.  It took away the pain and made me more efficient.  Recently I bought myself a pair of moldable shoes, and the footbed itself was moldable.  Did I mold it?  Yes.  Was it comfortable and efficient?  No.

After the fact, I bought myself a pair of footbeds, a pair that fully supports my arch.  These footbeds took away my foot pain, helped my knees to track straight up and down, and relived some discomfort I was having with my knees.  I have learned that it is better to buy a 100.00 pair of shoes and spend 40.00 for a footbed than to pay 300.00 for a pair of shoes and use the stock footbeds.

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