Friday, November 28, 2008

??? Bike Studio ???

A lot of people get it, yet a few don’t. I’m going to attempt to explain it to you.

A bike studio is different from a bike shop. A traditional bike shop is focused on products, while a bike studio is focused on one on one, uninterrupted service.

Do we sell products? Yes we do. However, the products we sell focus on the services that we perform for our clients. You'll notice that we have little inventory, and that works in the client’s favor.

I’ve been around the bike industry long enough to understand that a traditional shop ties up a lot of cash in products. Therefore the need to sell products that are on the floor becomes very important – so important in fact, that the products become the only option for servicing the needs of the client. I’ve never been comfortable with that model.

We strive to work, as a team, with our clients to solve their service and new bike needs. (We do carry some pretty amazing bikes.) If you need to see a larger selection than what we stock, we’re happy to find a traditional bike shop in the area that can meet your needs.

To sum up, what kind of clients do we serve? Is it the new rider, bike racer, or enthusiast? Yes, yes, and yes. From the starter rider to the national caliber bike racer, we help bike riders experience greater enjoyment, whether it’s the Loop, bike racing, or an Ironman. Most importantly, we’re there to make it fun.

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