Monday, March 9, 2009

A guest writter and old friend

Thanks for the following:
#1 Having the vision to open this new concept in bicycling retail.

#2 Having the vision to bring in a brand such as TIME

I am really not sure why I asked for a test ride of the TIME VXR Pro Team as I really didn't think I could find that much WOW in a bike after all these years. It was really more of an attempt to make Kent jealous on a ride as he absolutely raved about this bike for months after riding. After all, what are friends for?

Setup was easy. I simply popped in my seatpost and saddle measured up to 29.5 inches and rotated up the bars about half an inch and I never touched it again.

A 5 mile warm up to meet Kent and I already knew this bike was good. Great power transfer, stability, and handling. We rode toward Humphrey Station and the first thing I noticed in the 10 miles to the Millerton store was that I seemed to constantly be getting too close to Kent's wheel. I wasn't having any great day nor was he having a bad one. Mind you, I ride with Kent every weekend, have ridden and raced with him for years, and trust his smoothness and predictability implicitly (and he is VERY smooth). The only answer was that this bike was so much more efficient for me that I was catching up to him with my usual effort.

On we went into the first descent of Old Millerton Rd and the bike is effortless through the turn. My Calfee requires a heavy foot on the outside pedal to carve a turn but not this bike. It is incredibly quick on what I call the "turn in", that first nudge of the bars. A light point/push of the bars and the bike goes very quickly where it is asked. Normally a bike this quick handling is a little squirelly. The TIME is perfectly stable and solid. Peeling the clothes off no worries, take your time.

The real test was on the descent off Nicholas toward Tollhouse Rd. The first big sweeper was again effortless. I could have easily never touched the brakes on the final left hander. The only reason I did was for the potential of a car being there on Tollhouse. Even with the brake tap the speed I carried was scary.....well not really, just exciting!

The TIME VXR Pro Team is EASILY the best bike I have ever ridden and I have ridden every type. Not a little better, not maybe better, it is the best. I have NEVER had this WOW factor on a bike. I thought you guys were being a little over the top in your praise. My apologies for doubting you and Kent.

OH! One more thing. I have a few steel bikes, and love the road feel (feedback) they give you. The TIME gives a very similar road feel. I made this comment to Kent but was worried he would laugh at that as he is a "steel is real" guy for sure, but he totally agreed.
I would highly reccomend the TIME line and look forward to test riding the rest of the line. I will sign off now to research how much I can sell my Calfee for.


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