Sunday, December 21, 2008

Time VXR Pro Team

It's like an F-1 race car. No joke.

This is one of the stiffest yet compliant bicycles I've ever ridden. Every ounce of pressure you put into the pedals drive it forward. It's precise at both slow speed and screams down hill and through corners begging to be pushed harder than humanly possible.

The drive train is smooth and shifting is right on! Much better than what I'm used to.

Time has so many technological advantages that many bike manufactures are just getting around to addressing three years later, that Time has had the experience to refine them even further.

Low mounted H2O cages creates greater balance and stability.

One of the most magical elements to a Time is their Safe+ fork. In fact, most manufactures of forks are never sold in Europe because the safety standards are higher than they care to invest in. Time easily meets and exceeds the European standard. I believe it's part of the reason for precise handling.

Time stem creates a rock solid cockpit.

The Pro Team bring out the aggressive side of a rider. It makes you want to hammer every time you through your leg over the top tube.

Time blends high modulus carbon and polyamid fiber, the same stuff used in Kevlar. The two create a ride that's not as bone crushing and dead feeling as most of the straight guage carbon tubes found in the majority of bikes today. A lot of carbon frame builder find compliance in their frame by making tubes smaller. Time creates a soothing ride with a mixture of materials without sacrificing structural integrity.

I could go on all day about the tiny and massive positive elements that make a Time VXR extra special. Rather than taking my word for it, I suggest you stop by and take this one for a test ride.

Email or call 559.449.0223 to get your test ride set up.

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